Tech Concierge to MGAs, Brokers and Insurers

ValueMomentum’s Enterprise-class services and solutions that have been nurtured for over 20 years and across 100+ Insurers are now available through our Cloud Model, BizDynamics, in a simplified form and more affordably to MGAs, Brokers and Insurers of all sizes.

Tech Concierge ..

BizDynamics is ValueMomentum’s cloud business unit.

As a Tech Concierge, we are singularly focused on helping Insurers leverage – Technology, Tech talent, Data and Ecosystems; with the speed, functionality, cost and operating-scale comparable to their larger-sized and digital-native competitors.

As a Tech Concierge, We provide:

Modern Technology that helps Insurers keep pace with tech giants while incurring less upfront capital and benefiting from cloud scale and economics.

Enterprise-class Services for Insurers to access deep and diverse tech talent that large insurance enterprises use, with a scalable and cost-effective, on-demand IT operating model.

Advanced data capabilities powered by a cloud based modern data platform that equips Insurers with advanced capabilities for collecting, managing and analyzing Data.

Gateways that equip Insurers with an industry ready gateway for rapid integration with new channel, supply and service partners while leveraging a continually evolving library of pre-integrations.

25 +

Customers Served

50 +

Segments Targeted

10000 +

Agents and Policyholders Served


Anant Iyer


Markets and Outreach

Gopikrishna Gade


Platform, Collections and Cloud Operations

Srinivas Vasireddy


Customer Success and Service

Venkatesh Sankaranarayanan


Platform and Collections

Sudhir Vittapu

Bob Ridinger

Deepak Kannan

Gaurav Mistry

Anand Rajaraman

Kiran Rangaswamy

Lakshmikant Nalamati

Elisabeth Maguda

Balu Kalepu

Bharath Iyengar

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